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ATM Safety Tips

Protect yourself from skimming and other threats at the ATM with these tips:

ATM Safety Tips

  • Commit your PIN to memory and never share your PIN.
  • As you approach an ATM, be aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid standalone or unusual-looking ATMs; choose one in well-lit, public or highly populated areas.
  • If you believe an ATM appears suspicious or has been tampered with, donít use it. Report it to the ATM owner or the police right away.
  • Remove the cash quickly from the ATM and secure it out of public view.
  • Be sure to remove your card from the ATM after conducting a transaction.
  • Immediately report a lost or stolen card to the bank. 

Walk-Up ATM Safety Tips

  • Have your card ready when you approach the ATM.
  • Wait until previous customers have finished their transactions.
  • Shield the keyboard with your hand or body as you enter your PIN and be aware of anyone standing too close.

Drive-Up ATM Safety Tips

  • Pull up close to the ATM.
  • Remain in your car with doors locked and other windows closed.
  • Keep your car running while operating the ATM.


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