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Cash Management

Cash Management services are available for commercial customers. You can set up multiple users within your organization with restricted or full access to Cash Management functions and accounts. Each user can be set up according to your specifications, allowing them to access only what is authorized by you.

Our Cash Management tools include:

Wire Transfers

  Our online wire service allows you to have complete control over your domestic and international wires sent in US dollars. Alpine Bankís Cash Management is also less expensive than initiating through a bank branch.
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  • Set up and transmit wires until 2:00pm (MT) with our easy-to-use online wire form.
  • Set up and store wire instructions on our system with our wire templates option. When you are ready to transmit the wire transfer, simply enter the amount and transmit the wire.
  • A wire limit is established for your business and you can select a different wire limit for each user, if needed.
  • As an added security measure, personalized wire passwords and one-time passcodes are used for authentication. In some circumstances, the bank may call you to confirm your wire.


Automated Clearing House (ACH)

  The ACH network is what's used to transmit funds electronically between financial institutions. Alpine Bank delivers the ACH network to you allowing your business to utilize applications such as:
Direct Deposit

Offer your employees or clients direct deposit with our ACH options. Utilize Direct Deposit to transfer funds into your employees' or clients' bank account. Direct Deposit can represent a variety of products such as payroll, bonuses, advances, payments, and much more.

Research indicates that compared to the cost of writing and mailing payroll checks, you can save substantial back office costs. You pay only $10 per file and your employees will appreciate knowing their hard-earned money is automatically deposited for them, saving them time.

Direct Debit

Offer your clients the ability to have their account automatically debited for gym memberships, home owners (HOA) dues, or other payments.

Direct Debit benefits companies with billing operations, allowing you to electronically debit a client's bank account for payment. The client grants the company, by written authorization, to initiate periodic charges to their account as bills become due. Direct debit is primarily used for utility, rent, mortgage payments, membership dues, and other obligations.

State & Federal Tax Payments

Send your state and federal tax payments using our Cash Management ACH Options. You must first enroll with the respective parties below, before you can begin sending your tax payments online with Cash Management.

Federal Tax Payments (EFTPS) - Visit or call the EFTPS Customer Service Center at 1.800.555.4477 or 1.800.945.8400.

State Tax Payments - Visit or call the Colorado Department of Revenue's EFT Help Line at 303.832.6139.

When requesting an enrollment form, be sure to mention that you will be sending your taxes ACH credit via your financial institution.

Cash Concentration & Disbursement

Cash concentration and disbursement allows companies to achieve efficiencies in cash management through timely intra-company transfer of funds. The Cash Concentration and Disbursement application can be used to either distribute or consolidate funds between corporate entities. Using this application, a limited amount of payment related data could be included with the funds transfer if needed.

Corporate Trade Payments

Corporate trade payments enable corporations to exchange both data and funds with trading partners, facilitating an automated process of updating their accounts receivable and accounts payable systems. The Corporate Trade Exchange application supports the transfer of funds (debit or credit), within a trading partner relationship, in which a message or payment related information is sent with the funds transfer using multiple addenda records.


ACH Positive Pay

  Protect your business from unauthorized ACH transactions. Alpine Bank helps you minimize risk with ACH Positive Pay. This secure and powerful online tool gives you fraud protection to help you monitor and control your ACH activity.
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Alpine's ACH Positive Pay is easy to use, enabling you to view and make decisions to accept or reject ACH items before they post to your account.

ACH Positive Pay:

  • Business customers only
  • Must have a business online banking account
  • View your ACH transactions each day from your online banking account and decide whether to accept them.
  • You must approve an ACH transaction by 11:00 AM (MT). ACH items that are not approved by this time will be returned.

Note: In order to access Alpine ACH Positive Pay, you must complete the ACH Positive Pay Agreement. Please contact a Retail Banker if you have not already completed this form.

Alpine Bank offers an alternative to ACH Positive Pay called ACH Filter. Consult your Alpine Bank Customer Service Representative for more details.


Positive Pay

  The most targeted accounts for check fraud are business checking accounts. To protect your business from falling victim to this, Alpine Online® offers our Positive Pay service. Deposited checks are matched against the check amounts and numbers that you input into your online account. If the check amount or number doesnít match, we donít pay it unless you authorize it.
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There are three ways to input check information into Positive Pay:

Manual Entry:

Manually input the check information. This method requires no other software or program. You manually enter the details of each check.

CSV File:

Import check information from an Excel spreadsheet, saved as a CSV File. You can customize your Alpine Online® to pull the information the way you formatted your spreadsheet.

Fixed Position File:

If your current accounting software creates a data text file (example: Notepad or Word), you can customize your Alpine Online® to pull the information from the fixed position file.

In order to access Alpine Positive Pay you must complete the Business Online Application, Security and Administration Agreement, and Positive Pay Agreement. Please contact a Customer Service Representative if you have not already completed these forms.


Account Reconciliation

  Alpine Bank's Account Reconciliation services assist with reconciling your account activity and providing prompt and accurate reports on paid and outstanding checks. These reports can be customized to fit your needs and the formatting requirements are very flexible.


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