Buying Used Versus New

People tend to buy new items before the things they already have are broken or unusable. That means that they replace many items that still have lots of life left. Manufacturing new vehicles, clothing, building supplies, furniture, appliances and other household items when we already have ones that are still perfectly serviceable wastes valuable natural resources.

Instead of straining our planet to constantly produce new merchandise, consider buying used. Purchasing previously owned items from those who no longer need them is a smart way to avoid adding to the problem of wasted resources. You can locate used items at garage/yard and estate sales, in online marketplaces and via selling apps. Secondhand shops like the Salvation Army, Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity’s Restore are bountiful sources of a wide array of used and surplus items. You can also ask friends and family who’ve replaced items if they would sell, trade or give their old ones to you.

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