Financial News – Q & A with Melissa Knutson, CFP ®

Melissa Knutson, CFP ®
Assistant Vice President, Alpine Bank Wealth Management

Q. Should I invest in real estate?

A. Real estate prices have increased considerably over the past decade across the state. A rental property can be a great way to generate consistent income and long-term appreciation over time. However, real estate investing is not without risks—an aging property requiring significant maintenance, defaulting renters, increasing property taxes and insurance, or a house that isn’t selling, can be costly both financially and emotionally.

For many Coloradans, your primary residence is your largest asset. It is important to diversify to manage risk and optimize return within an investment portfolio. Investing in stocks and bonds can be a great way to provide flexibility and liquidity to your plan. Discuss your financial goals with a local advisor today to determine appropriate investment options to meet your needs.

Contact Melissa Knutson to learn all Alpine Bank Wealth Management has to offer you. Call her at 877-808-7878 or email her at:  [email protected]

Products of our Wealth Management service are not FDIC insured, may lose value and are not bank guaranteed.

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