From Used to New

When you look into your closets, drawers, attic, garage or storage unit do you see random “stuff” you don’t want or need any more? What to do with it? Give it to a friend or relative? Donate to charity? Try to sell it? All are good options, but there’s an alternative you may not have considered: repurposing! With a little ingenuity, imagination and time, you could turn things you already own into new useful and/or decorative items while saving money and our environment.

Here are some things can be transformed into new items:

T-shirts > yarn, quilts, reusable bags

Silverware > decorative hooks, drawer pulls and cabinet handles

Books > shelves, decor, paper crafts

Plastic bottles > toys, planters, storage containers

Obsolete technology (CDs, videotapes, floppy disks) > decor, planters, jewelry

Jeans > decor, handbags, insulation!

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