Go Green with Your Spring Clean

Ready to spring clean in an eco-friendly way? The solution is as close as your kitchen in the form of vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. These three natural ingredients can tackle most common cleaning jobs without negatively impacting our air and water like the harmful toxins and chemicals found in many household cleaners.

White vinegar kills bacteria, so it can be used to wipe down surfaces around the house to keep them sanitary. Use it to clean windows and mirrors, mixed in equal measure with water. When mixed equally with carbonated water, it cleans tile grout.

Baking soda brings some grit to the party. When mixed with water into a paste, its slightly abrasive properties make it effective for scrubbing rust, grease and even ovens. A cup poured into the toilet bowl—followed an hour later by a cup of white vinegar and allowed to sit a while—makes for an effective, natural cleaning routine.

Like vinegar, lemon juice’s acidity gives it antibiotic properties. It removes grease and bacteria from stove tops, countertops and frequently touched areas. It can even remove stains from surfaces. The best part? It smells fresh, too!

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