Green Tip – What if Colorado residents could reduce the cost of watering outdoor plants?

Collecting Rain

Depending on the average annual rainfall where you live, rainwater collecting for use around the home may be very beneficial.

Let’s cover some of the benefits:

  • Collecting rain is an alternative source of water and is a centuries-old practice 
  • Reduction in carbon footprint and is environmentally friendly
  • Cost savings realized
  • Conservation of water

The DIY Rain Barrel System is the most common to find around the home and can be as cost-effective as purchasing a trash can. Alternatively, most local home improvement stores and online sources also offer affordable solutions. Rainwater barrels typically connect to a gutter and have a spigot at the bottom of the barrel to take water out of it for use in the garden, landscaping and other applications.

As of 2016, Colorado residents are able to collect rainwater with the passing of House Bill 16-1005. This bill allows for a maximum of two rain barrels per house, not to exceed 110 gallons combined. Note that only single-family houses and multi-family homes with four units or less are allowed to collect rainwater.

One of the most abundant resources that nature has to offer is rainwater. It can be easily collected and used around the home for a variety of purposes.

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