Latest Developments in Electric Vehicles

Manufacturers are introducing more and more electric vehicles (EV) to the market today. As electric vehicles continue to evolve, they are offering longer driving distances before charges, quicker acceleration, and more technological and performance improvements.

Among the most noteworthy developments for EV’s is the declining price of lithium-ion batteries. Initially, these batteries composed nearly half the cost of an electric vehicle. From sedans to minivans, trucks and crossover SUVs, a lot is in store over the next few years as new EV models get introduced and competition increases.

If an electrified ride is right for you, Alpine Bank is pleased to offer Gas Efficient and Hybrid Automobile Loans. For vehicles that are rated by the EPA as a minimum of 40 EPA MPG on the highway, Alpine Bank will take off ½ percent of the loan interest rate for qualified applicants. To learn more,

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