Water, Water – It’s NOT Everywhere

One of Earth’s most precious resources is water, so to waste it is a shame. We do, however, often take its availability and convenience for granted. Becoming more mindful of our usage and waste of H2O can help assure that we’ll always have the water we so desperately need in our daily lives.

Awareness of instances when water is thoughtlessly wasted can help us conserve it:

Turn off the faucet – Whether brushing our teeth, showering, washing our hands or the dishes, there’s no reason to leave it running the whole time.

Replace around the house with water savings in mind – When upgrading, choose water-saving appliances, faucets and toilets which decrease water usage tremendously.

Use water wisely in the yard – Use automatic timers for watering your yard when the sun is low. Be certain to adjust them according to the weather, though, so they don’t come on during or after a rainstorm. Consider drought-resistant landscaping that isn’t as thirsty as a traditional lawn.

You’ll save gallons without even noticing the effort!

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