Financial security and wealth management are an integral part of how we help families derive all possible benefit from their resources, now and for years to come. Gain from our expertise, longevity, personal services and institutional size to uniquely protect and build your assets, transfer wealth and handle your estate. Only a corporate trustee can provide the full range of services, while being held to the highest level of investment management.

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Our Services

Investment Management Accounts

  • We spend as much time as needed to develop an investment strategy to meet your needs
  • We choose the highest quality of stocks, bonds and alternative investments and the allocated amount to each class, based on our discussions with you
  • The asset allocation plan we determine together positions your investment portfolio for all economic/financial environments
  • Your portfolio will be diversified and structured to meet your risk tolerance and investment timeframe
  • Once a plan for your investment portfolio is agreed upon, we make buy and sell decisions, which free you from routine portfolio choices
  • We meet with you as frequently as you want and discuss any changes that may require revamping the investment plan

Retirement Accounts

Individual IRAs

  • Rollover IRAs – From a company retirement plan or another IRA
  • Self-Directed – In which you can direct us to purchase non-traditional assets like income-producing property, if IRS qualified
  • SEP IRAs – For the self-employed client

Employee Benefit Plans

  • 401(k) and 403(b) plans for companies and organizations
  • Simple IRAs for small businesses
  • Defined benefit plans for the consistent high-income earner with a firm retirement goal in mind

Deferred Retirement Annuities

  • Tax-deferred growth
  • No IRS contribution limit – invest as much as you want for retirement
  • No surrender charge
  • Multiple high-quality investment options

Trust & Estate Services

Revocable Living Trust

We can provide professional asset management and continuous financial protection if you become incapacitated in your lifetime. This type of trust will allow you to avoid probate in many states, including Colorado. Grantor of the trust often serves as his/her own trustee during their lifetime. The trust can be changed at any time during the grantor's lifetime.

Irrevocable Trust

We can serve as trustee and provide professional investment management and unbiased oversight. By law, a corporate trustee is held to the highest standard of fiduciary management. Ownership of assets moves from the grantor to the trust, thus avoiding estate tax. All control of the trust assets must be removed from the grantor. Assets of the trust can include businesses, property, investments, cash and life insurance.

Charitable Trust

As your trustee, we can provide the ongoing income stream to either you or the charity, depending on the type of estate plan you are implementing.

  • Creating a Charitable Remainder Trust removes assets from the estate to a trust, thus reducing the taxability of the estate. The grantor continues to receive a set income stream during his/her lifetime. After the death of the grantor and spouse, the assets of the trust are transferred to the named charity.
  • A Charitable Lead Trust is designed to reduce the size of the estate to avoid taxation. This type of trust works well for individuals who have excess income during their lifetimes. The named charity receives income during the grantor's lifetime. Upon the death of the grantor, the income stream ends and the assets are distributed to beneficiaries per the provisions of the trust.

Trust Under Will or Testamentary Trust

We can serve as trustee in this type of irrevocable trust to assure your wishes are carried out after your death. This type of trust is commonly used if you want to leave assets to your beneficiaries (like your children), but you do not wish for them to receive the assets until a specified time.

Estate Settlement Services

We will act as your personal representative, a management process in which we:

  • Take custody of the estate assets and prepare the inventories
  • Administer the estate through the probate process
  • Provide investment management of all your assets
  • Manage statements for all transactions before final distribution of estate assets to beneficiaries

Financial Lifestyle Management

We offer a broad range of investment management services to help at a time when you either have no time to manage finances, or feel the task of managing your money is becoming more than you can handle. Whatever the cycle of your lifetime demands, we can customize an array of services to make life easier for you.

We are a corporate trustee and no other financial advisor is held to higher investment standards. Our team of professionals provides safe and confidential financial management under the governance and oversight of the Colorado Division of Banking and the FDIC.

We can provide:

  • Income management
  • Investment selection to meet your needs
  • Bill paying
  • Distributions on request to you or others
  • Collection of all income (Social Security, pension, mineral rights)
  • Assistance with tax preparation
  • Investment agent, trustee or conservator appointment
  • Team approach to manage complex tax, legal and financial matters

Building for Generations

Many individuals who wish to pass on wealth choose to establish trusts to remove assets from estate taxation. Your estate planning attorney can help you create the type of trust to protect your financial legacy for generations.

No matter how the trust is drafted, it should suit your family's circumstances.  Whether you wish to distribute to beneficiaries over time or upon a specific occurrence, one of the most important factors for the success of your plan is the choice of a trustee.

In drafting your trust and naming a trustee, consider the complicated nature of families today, along with the legal responsibility of the trustee to follow the provisions of the trust.  Should this task be bestowed upon a family member or a professional, corporate trustee?

Why choose Alpine Bank Wealth Management as your trustee?

The benefits are many:

  • You have a full-time, fully staffed team of professionals trained in estate and trust administration
  • We have systems and facilities to manage assets that individuals lack
  • Your trust funds are doubly protected by internal audits and regulatory oversight by state or federal officials
  • We have an unlimited life, while an individual may die or become unable to manage your affairs
  • We bring a wealth of experience and group judgment to the job of investment management
  • We treat beneficiaries impartially
  • We can withstand pressure from beneficiaries asking to bend the terms of a trust, taking the responsibility of saying "no" away from a family member or friend

Our Investment Team

The team of professionals working within Alpine Bank Wealth Management represents over 150 years of experience in banking and financial management. This outstandingly diverse group of managers and associates comprises the largest and most comprehensive trust and wealth management establishment in western Colorado. They are equipped to handle the full spectrum of your family’s financial needs during your lifetime and beyond.

When you join Alpine Bank Wealth Management, you secure a team dedicated to you and your satisfaction. At least two professionals are assigned to every client relationship. One person has primary responsibility, but both are equally familiar with your account. This continuity distinguishes Alpine from others and attributes to long-lasting client relationships.

Colorado River Valley

Melissa Matlock - Wealth Management Officer

Sadie Groff - Client Service Associate

Phone:  877-808-7878



Kevin P. Haggerty - Vice President

Felicia Ramirez - Client Service Associate

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Durango and San Juan

Gena Cooper, MBA, CTFA - Senior Vice President

Chelsey Johnson - Client Service Associate

Phone:  877-808-7878


Mesa County

Amanda Miller - Assistant Vice President

Tedi Hayden - Client Service Associate

Phone:  877-808-7878


Roaring Fork Valley

Dan McCaslin, CFP® - Vice President

Felicia Ramirez - Client Service Associate

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Steamboat Springs

Melissa Matlock - Wealth Management Officer

Sadie Groff - Client Service Associate

Phone:  877-808-7878 


Summit County

Kevin P. Haggerty - Vice President

Felicia Ramirez - Client Service Associate

Phone:  877-808-7878 


Vail Valley

Dan McCaslin, CFP® - Vice President

Felicia Ramirez - Client Service Associate

Phone:  877-808-7878


Products of our Wealth Management service are not FDIC insured, may lose value and are not bank guaranteed.