At Alpine Bank Wealth Management, our success depends upon a detailed understanding of each of our clients. We strive to be much more than an asset management firm, corporate trustee and fiduciary. We aim to be a trusted confidant and lifelong partner, here to help you negotiate the ever-changing financial marketplace.

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About Alpine Bank Wealth Management

How We Work

The backbone of our strategy is an in-depth consultation and review process, allowing us to understand your situation: your goals, risk profile, timeline, family dynamics and tax considerations. Working together, we will develop a personal financial strategy – based on your lifestyle and financial needs. With our shared vision of your financial objectives, we can respond to any changes to your circumstances or in the markets. We can help you stay on track.

We will always provide

  • Efficient, diversified exposure to a broad range of global asset classes
  • Vigilant and systematic rebalancing
  • Direct access to your investment manager
  • Face-to-face interaction and collaboration
  • Total fee transparency, based on assets under management
  • A disciplined process designed to temper emotional reactions to market dynamics

Our investment philosophy

We believe in the markets, and we believe in capitalism. Over time, both will generate profits for committed investors. We also know that diversification works--spreading a portfolio across a range of asset classes reduces risk. Most importantly, we believe in discipline. Investing must be done via an objective and unemotional process. Markets sometimes work in unpredictable ways. We believe your investment advisor should not.

Successful long-term investing rarely depends on stock picking or market timing. We construct portfolios to harness the power of thousands of stocks, bonds and alternative investments from around the world, employing broad diversification to mitigate potential catastrophic downside outcomes.

Specialized services

  • Investment management
  • Trust management
  • Custodial services
  • Financial lifestyle management (bill paying, home and financial management)
  • Estate management
  • Individual retirement accounts (SEP, Individual and Roth IRAs)
  • Employee benefit accounts (401(k), defined benefit, defined contribution plans)
  • Endowment management for charitable institutions
  • Tax management and reporting

What makes us different

As a corporate trustee and fiduciary, we are held to the highest standard of any investment advisor. The degree of oversight protecting your interests includes internal and external audits, FDIC and Colorado Division of Banking annual exams, committee governance and adherence to a sound and tested investment policy.

We are an independent company, a division of Alpine Banks of Colorado. As a privately owned company, we have the flexibility to choose from the universe of world-class investment firms. Our team of investment professionals use a consistent, fundamentally sound investment strategy.

But it is the culture and the day-to-day experience that really sets us apart from the rest. Our entire staff is committed to the same goal – our clients’ best interests are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Investment Team

The team of professionals working within Alpine Bank Wealth Management represents over 150 years of experience in banking and financial management. This outstandingly diverse group of managers and associates comprises the largest and most comprehensive trust and wealth management establishment in western Colorado. They are equipped to handle the full spectrum of your family’s financial needs during your lifetime and beyond.

When you join Alpine Bank Wealth Management, you secure a team dedicated to you and your satisfaction. At least two professionals are assigned to every client relationship. One person has primary responsibility, but both are equally familiar with your account. This continuity distinguishes Alpine from others and attributes to long-lasting client relationships.

Colorado River Valley

Melissa M. Knutson - Wealth Management Officer

Sadie Groff - Client Service Associate

Phone:  877-808-7878



Kevin P. Haggerty - Vice President

Felicia Ramirez - Client Service Associate

Phone:  877-808-7878 


Durango and San Juan

Gena Cooper, MBA, CTFA - Senior Vice President

Chelsey Johnson - Client Service Associate

Phone:  877-808-7878


Mesa County

Amanda Miller - Assistant Vice President

Tedi Hayden - Client Service Associate

Phone:  877-808-7878


Roaring Fork Valley

Dan McCaslin, CFP® - Vice President

Felicia Ramirez - Client Service Associate

Phone:  877-808-7878 


Steamboat Springs

Melissa M. Knutson - Wealth Management Officer

Sadie Groff - Client Service Associate

Phone:  877-808-7878 


Summit County

Kevin P. Haggerty - Vice President

Felicia Ramirez - Client Service Associate

Phone:  877-808-7878 


Vail Valley

Dan McCaslin, CFP® - Vice President

Felicia Ramirez - Client Service Associate

Phone:  877-808-7878


Products of our Wealth Management service are not FDIC insured, may lose value and are not bank guaranteed.