With the convenience of online banking comes questions about security of your online information. Alpine Bank is dedicated to protecting your privacy and your security. Here is what we do to help keep your information secure while you bank at alpinebank.com.

Email Encryption

The process of encrypting email ensures that only the sender and the recipient of an email can view its contents. If email correspondence from Alpine Bank contains any personal data or account information, it is delivered using this secure delivery system. Learn more.

Alpine Online Login

Your Alpine Online ID and Password are your keys to Alpine Online as it takes both identification keys to gain access. You should never give your password to anyone who asks for it in an email, or by phone, or to anyone you do not want to have access to your account. No one representing Alpine Bank will ask for your Password.

For your security, you should always log out at the end of each online session. If you forget, Alpine Online will automatically log out when you close the browser window, or after a period of inactivity.

SiteKey Protection

The SiteKey security feature is an additional layer of identity verification when signing in to Alpine Online. Your SiteKey consists of a unique image you will choose from a library of provided images. A SiteKey's primary purpose is to help deter fraud by displaying your image to confirm you are logging into the correct website. As you change screens or click on links within the Alpine Online Banking system, your image is on each screen  providing assurance you are still logged on to Alpine Bank's valid site.

Online Banking Security System

If we should detect any unusual or uncharacteristic activity, you may be asked to authenticate the activity, or you may receive a phone call from an Alpine Bank customer service representative to verify your identity and banking activity.

Alpine Online Fraud Protection

In the event that there is an unauthorized transaction on your deposit account (checking, savings or certificates of deposit), you may be covered for certain losses under federal bank regulations.

Our Privacy Policy

Alpine Bank respects and honors your privacy by upholding all aspects of our privacy policy. View our Privacy Policy (PDF).