• More Time in Your Day
  • Streamline Payment Processing
  • Reduce Errors
Lockbox for Business

More than a lockbox, Alpine Payment Solutions (APS) is a customized business service that streamlines payment processing.

  • Enjoy faster access to funds since payments are collected and processed locally by Alpine Bank.
  • Experience streamlined payment posting and reduced input error with the ability to upload an accounts receivable file into your accounting system.
  • Reduce the possibility of internal fraud.
  • Reduce your payment processing expenses with our personalized service, industry expertise and advanced technology.
  • Save time, energy and money so you can focus on growing your business instead of manually processing payments.
  • Incorporate electronic payment channels into the secure web portal for a complete view of your receivables.
  • Use one centralized system with one login to easily view, manage and pull reports on all payments received.

Watch this video to learn more.

Lockbox for Healthcare

Enjoy faster access to your deposits, reduced input errors and minimize the possibility of internal fraud.

  • A HIPAA-secured facility and HIPAA-trained staff to process all payments and documents.
  • A Colorado P.O. Box specific to your practice.
  • The collection and processing of checks, explanation of benefits (EOBs) and correspondence.
  • Faster access to your funds by depositing your receivables into your Alpine Bank account.
  • A secure web portal to access patient claim and payment information.
  • Patient payment posting files to upload into your patient management system.

In addition to your lockbox service, you will have access to a secure web portal where you can view, manage and pull reports on all payments received. The web portal will significantly reduce the amount of paper that flows through your office and save you time, energy and money so that you can focus on your practice. 

Watch this video to learn more.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (HRCM)

Alpine Bank also offers an advanced high-tech HRCM healthcare lockbox option that provides a secure, single point of reference system for claim research, reconciliation and archiving.

  • Conversion of paper explanation of benefits (EOBs) to virtual EOBs with a standardized format.
  • Image archival options available.
  • Transfer of paper EOB data to electronic 835 posting files.
  • Re-association of ACH or check payments with ERA remittance files.
  • Intuitive denial and remark code analytics.
  • Reporting functions to simplify accounting practices.