Our Business Line of Credit Options

Alpine Bank offers some of the best small business line of credit choices in CO. Read more below.

Ready Reserve Line of Credit

With a Ready Reserve tied to your business checking, you get overdraft protection, plus the ability to tap into a credit line when you need it most.

  • Credit lines up to $50,000
  • Easy access by check, phone, transfer of funds, or your Alpine Bank business debit card
  • Automatically advances in $500 increments (up to your available line) whenever your checking balance falls below $0
  • $100 annual fee
  • Five-year maturity on lines of credit greater than $25,000
  • Variable interest rates tied to JPMorgan Chase Bank Prime Rate
  • Information included on your monthly checking account statement

Operating Line of Credit

Use our operating line of credit for a wide range of long-term or seasonal business needs:

    • Seasonal fluctuations
    • Inventory
    • Capitalize on trade discounts
    • Working capital
    • Ongoing updates
    • And more
  • Provides greater financial flexibility
  • Repayment customized based on your business’s unique needs
  • Funds available right as you need them; apply once then use again as needed thereafter
  • Only pay interest on the part that's used
  • Decision-making and processing handled right here in Colorado
  • Friendly, attentive service from start to finish

Green Lending

We offer a variety of rate-discounted "green" loans for fuel-efficient business vehicles and real estate-secured loans. Contact your local Alpine Bank to learn more about "green" loans for your business needs.

Valid identification is required to open this account. Please refer to this list of acceptable forms of identification.

Must meet Alpine Bank's underwriting requirements. Rates and terms are subject to change based on current market conditions. Please contact your local Alpine Bank loan offi­cer for more information, other restrictions may apply.