Alpine Bank Pays for As!

Today’s students are tomorrow’s scientists, public servants, entrepreneurs, parents, healers, inventors, teachers, techs, managers, problem-solvers and more.

At Alpine Bank we love learning and education for many reasons, but mostly for what it means for our future.

Alpine Bank wants to reward your child’s good grades! Twice each year, we randomly draw from submitted report cards from kids in grades K-12. Your child could earn up to $50 cash: We pay $10 for As, 4s or Es; $5 for Bs, 3s or Ss for five main subjects.

Email your child's most recent report card to [email protected] or drop it off at an Alpine Bank location near you. With your submission, please include which Alpine Bank location is closest to you, a parent or guardian name and a phone number.


One report card per student per deadline.

Report card must be from a Colorado school.