Meet Our Executive Team


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Board of Directors

Raymond T. Baker
Owner, Real Estate Management Firm
Stephen Briggs
Former Banking Executive
Linda Childears
President Emeritus, Daniels Fund
John W. Cooper
Marketing and Leadership Consultant
Wally Dallenbach
Professional Motor Racing Executive
Glenn Davis
Chief Retail Officer
Terry Farina
Attorney at Law
Norm Franke
President, Front Range Region
L. Kristine Gardner
Former Banking Executive
Peter N. Guy
Glen Jammaron
Vice Chairman/President
Alpine Banks of Colorado
Thomas H. Kenning
Former Banking Executive
Stan Kornasiewicz
Investment Consultant
Steve Parker
Colorado Banking Leader
R. Bruce Robinson
Former Banking Executive
H. David Scruby
Former Banking Executive
Rodney E. Slifer
Vail Realtor
J. Robert Young
Chairman, Alpine Banks of Colorado
Margo Young-Gardey
Former Banking Executive
Alison Vollbracht Winfield
Board Member