For Colorado nonprofits, the change starts with you.


Community Debit Card

Each time you use your COMMUNITY Loyalty Debit Card, Alpine Bank donates 10 cents to nonprofit organizations in your community. And those dimes add up! Alpine has donated a total of $5,595,394 to support community organizations since 2004. These special debit cards are available with no annual fee to individuals with an Alpine Bank checking account.

We can print your Loyalty Debit Card for you on the spot. Immediately access your accounts and get started right away.*

Enjoy the benefits of our debit card rewards program Change Matters® and Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay or Google Pay™.

Alpine Bank is part of the Allpoint® ATM network—enjoy more than 43,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the U.S.**

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*If using any international, non-Allpoint or non-Alpine Bank ATM, a $2.00 ATM fee per withdrawal will apply as well as any fee charged by the third-party ATM holder.

Colorado Flag

The state flag as it appears today was adopted on June 5, 1911 by an act of the Colorado General Assembly.

The flag consists of three alternate stripes of equal width, the two outer stripes are blue, the same color as the American flag.

The blue represents Colorado’s stunning blue skies.

The middle stripe is white, representing Colorado’s snowcapped Rocky Mountains.

The flag has a circular red “C.” It is the same color as the red in the American flag. The red represents the ruddy-colored earth found throughout Colorado.

Completely filling the open space inside the letter “C” is a golden disk. The gold represents the hundreds of days of sunshine enjoyed by the state year-round.