Change Matters

Watch your change add up fast!

Our debit card rewards program rounds up to the next whole dollar every time you use your Alpine Bank VISA® debit card.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Reach for your Alpine Bank VISA debit card every time you make a purchase.

Step 2: Each transaction is rounded up to the next whole dollar. The rounded-up amount is then transferred from your checking account to your savings account.

Step 3: Receive from Alpine Bank a 5% quarterly bonus on the total of all rounded amounts you've saved — without even trying. 1

Here’s an example:

Example of Debit Card Rewards Transaction
You purchase fuel for your vehicle.
Fuel cost $48.29
Total charged to your debit card $49.00
Change transferred to savings $0.71
5% bonus rewarded by Alpine (each quarter) $.04
Total transferred to your savings $.75

To participate in Change Matters

You will need each of the following:

Businesses with each of the following can also participate in the program:

There are 3 ways that Change Matters can be requested:

  • Visit a local branch,
  • Call us at 800-551-6098, or
  • Send us a message in Alpine Online® or Alpine Mobile®.
1To qualify for the Change Matters program, you must have a debit card and be a signer on a checking account and a money market/savings account with Alpine Bank. The 5% bonus is calculated and automatically credited to the account holders' money market/savings account quarterly. Please refer to the Consumer Debit Card and Change Matters agreement for more information. Bonus is subject to IRS and other tax reporting. Other standard account terms, conditions and fee schedule still apply.