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Terms & Conditions for Change Matters

    The Change Matters® participant must have an Alpine Bank Checking account with an active debit card to serve as the enrolled account and an Alpine Bank Savings or Money Market account to serve as the accumulator account. Each debit card number will be tied to a specific accumulator account.

    The enrolled checking account and the accumulator savings account must share a common account signer (owner). The bank will round up debit card purchases (excluding ATM transactions) to the next $1.00 (the rounding amount) and transfer that amount from the debit card purchase account (enrolled account) to the accumulator account. The enrolled checking account will be charged in two transactions: one for the debit card purchase and one (rounding amount) for the transfer to the (savings) accumulator account. The rounding amount is calculated based on the available balance of the enrolled account, less any Ready Reserve Line of Credit or Overdraft Privilege. If the available balance in the enrolled account is positive, the rounding amount may occur; if the available balance in the enrolled account is negative; the rounding amount may not occur. Enrolled checking accounts and accumulator accounts will be subject to all existing requirements and limitations for accounts of that type. Quarterly, Alpine Bank will pay to the account holder 5% of the total of all rounded amounts posted during that quarter. These funds will be deposited into the accumulator (savings) account. If the accumulator (savings) account is closed prior to the end of the fiscal quarter, the accumulated 5% of rounded amounts will be relinquished back to Alpine Bank. All matched rewards will be considered taxable income and will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. A Form 1099- INT will be provided as required. Maximum total lifetime match per card number is $10,000.

    Alpine Bank reserves the right to cancel or modify the Change Matters® debit card rewards program at any time.

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