Giving Back - The Alpine Way

Alpine Bank is humbled to be recognized as a genuine corporate citizen in Colorado; a bank that makes giving back to the communities that made it successful the primary tenet of its existence. In the words of Alpine’s big-hearted and visionary founder Bob Young, "It isn’t just good for the bottom line, it is the bottom line."

First known as Roaring Fork Bank, Alpine Bank opened in Carbondale on January 23, 1973. Mayor Charles Kelly, director Wally Dallenbach and chairman Bob Young commemorated the day with a ribbon-cutting. The ribbon was made from 50 silver dollars and the money was donated to Sopris Park. It was an event that marked the start of Alpine Bank's longstanding tradition of community giving and involvement.

Fifty years later, hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals have benefited from Alpine Bank and its leader Bob Young, who has been honored as Colorado Philanthropist of the Year.

Community events, the arts, animal shelters, sports and recreation, and particularly children and education have been the focus of Alpine Bank’s philanthropy. In a recent ranking of philanthropy by companies compiled by the Denver Business Journal, Alpine Bank ranked third for cash contributions to charities among Colorado-based businesses and ranked seventh among all companies (including larger out-of-state and national corporations).


Every day, our employees provide their time and talent for efforts that are important to their local communities — some read to children, others help build Habitat for Humanity homes; some clean up litter or participate in fundraising runs. Each Alpine Bank employee receives 24 hours of paid volunteer time each year. As a corporation, we have the potential to devote nearly 20,000 hours a year to help improve the lives of individuals in our communities. We’re proud of the Alpine team, who generously support nonprofit and community organizations across Colorado with the gift of their time.