• Streamline Processes
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Reduce Human Error
Wire Transfers

Easily move funds without moving yourself! Our online wire transfers allow you to initiate domestic and international transfers — regardless of device.

  • Easy, same-day, safe movement of funds
  • Save time and company resources
  • Schedule one-time transfers or create recurring wire templates for future use

Certain transaction fees and limitations apply. Please refer to the product terms and conditions.

ACH Services

Enjoy the time-and-money-saving benefits of sending and receiving funds through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. Some of the benefits of ACH transfers are:

  • Save money: Fewer envelopes and stamps
  • Save money: Less employee time spent on mailing and processing payments
  • Save money: Fewer bank processing fees
  • Save money: Less time spent on finances, leaving more time to grow your business

How your business can use ACH transfers:

  • Sending Funds:
    • Payroll
    • Bonuses
    • Advances
    • Payments
  • Receiving Funds:
    • Utility payments
    • Rent or mortgage
    • Membership or HOA dues
    • Donations or other payments

Certain transaction fees and limitations apply. Please refer to the product terms and conditions.

Positive Pay

Minimize your business's risk of fraud. Positive Pay is a fraud detection tool that matches ACH and check transactions presented for payment against previously authorized transactions by the company to help you catch fraud before it occurs.

  • Catch fraudulent activity before the money leaves your account
  • Sends alerts when a mismatch occurs
  • You decide whether or not to approve the payment
  • Enjoy increased peace of mind knowing your information is receiving increased security
Account Reconcilement

Simplify accounting procedures and increase audit control, while saving time and money in the process. By automating audits, you catch errors quicker and always have up-to-date records to draw from when necessary.

  • Ideal for businesses handling and issuing a large number of checks
  • Improve audit control
  • Streamlines back room functions, reduces costs
  • Maintain up-to-date records
  • Receive monthly reports; downloadable data files customized to meet your business needs
  • Audit control over funds collection and disbursement:
    • Cleared Checks
    • Deposits Only
    • Issued Checks Not Cleared
    • Other Items posted
  • Catch errors early; increased accuracy
  • Maintain internal controls
  • Expedites record checks