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Conventional Mortgages
  • For home purchase or refinance
  • Available for primary residence, second homes, vacation homes, or investment properties
  • A wide range of financing programs available, including both conventional and non-conventional programs
  • Budget-friendly repayment terms, unique to your situation
  • Refinance your current home to potentially lower your rate
  • Helpful loan advisors with working knowledge of the local real estate market
  • Decision-making and processing handled right here in Colorado
  • Friendly, attentive service from start to finish

Our Mortgage Professionals

Delta and Mesa County Counties

Photo of Patti Chamberlain

Patti Chamberlain
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 458809
Direct: (970) 254-2042

Delta, Mesa and Garfield Counties

Photo of Cassie Tufly

Cassie Tufly
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 1001635
Direct: (970) 254-2717


Photo Mike Jacobs

Mike Jacobs
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 995447
Direct: (303) 563-9870

Photo of Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 293411
Direct: (720) 697-5076


Photo of Steve Evans

Steve Evans
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 300901
Direct: (720) 697-5092

Eagle County

Photo of Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 458891
Direct: (970) 748-5743

Photo of Melissa Welch

Melissa Welch
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 1791882
Direct: (970) 748-5755

San Miguel and Ouray Counties

Photo of Julie Osborne

Julie Osborne
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 1087622
Direct: (970) 249-0400

Archuleta, Dolores, La Plata and Montezuma Counties

Photo of Beth Malecki

Beth Malecki
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 337981
Direct: (970) 426-7184

Routt County

Photo of David High

David High
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 458837
Direct: (970) 870-7416

Montrose and Delta Counties

Photo of Ranae Williams

Ranae Williams
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 873844
Direct: (970) 369-5032

Archuleta, Dolores, La Plata and Montezuma Counties

Photo of Jennifer Boykin

Jennifer Boykin
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 580321
Direct: (970) 426-7167

Summit County

Photo of Lorri Heuck

Lorri Heuck
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 458836
Direct: (970) 513-5914

Pitkin and Routt Counties

Photo of Peter Smith

Peter Smith
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 117680
Direct: (970) 870-7445

Alpine Portfolio Mortgages

This specialized program is available for primary and second-home owners of unique properties.

  • Single and multi-family homes
  • Resort condominiums and "condo-tels"
  • Mixed-use buildings
  • Homes on large acreage
  • Homes vested in LLCs or Trusts
  • Cash-out refinances

If you think you may qualify for a portfolio mortgage, please visit your local branch or apply now.


All loans subject to approval.

Valid identification is required to open this account. Please refer to this list of acceptable forms of identification.

View our NMLS List (PDF).