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Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

How do I log in to business online banking for the first time?

To get started, visit your local Alpine Bank to enroll for online banking. Once enrolled, use the business Getting Started user guide for instructions on logging in for the first time.  

Where do I log in to business online banking?

Mobile: If you’re enrolled in online banking, download the Alpine Mobile app, enter your username and password, and Sign in.

Website ( Select Log In in the top right corner. Enter your Username and select Login. (Additional Online Logins are listed to the right.)          

Enter your Password and Sign in.
NOTE: Your username and password are the same for both Alpine Mobile and Alpine Online.

What if I forget my business username and/or password?

Use the Forgot Username or Password user guide for help. Remember, your login credentials for online banking and mobile banking are the same.

How do I log out?

Log out from desktop:
Click on your initials/image, located in the bottom-left corner of the screen, then click Sign out.

Log out from mobile app:
Click on the menu button in the upper-left corner of the screen, then click on your initials/image and select Sign out

When the screen displays the request for a passcode, it means you're signed out.

You can also sign out by navigating away from the app.

How do I download the Alpine Mobile app?

  • Visit your Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for Alpine Mobile, with the following app icon:
    Alpine App Icon
  • Download and install the Alpine Mobile app.
    Apple App Store
    Google Play Store

Why do I no longer see my SiteKey image when I log in?

Our new online banking and mobile app uses Multi-Factor Authentication, sometimes referred to as two-factor authentication, which is a security enhancement that helps protect your account(s) by using an additional layer of security.

What is my login for the Alpine Mobile app?

Your login credentials for Alpine Online Banking and the Alpine Mobile app are the same. If you can’t remember your username or password, use the Forgot Username or Password user guide for assistance.


There’s a menu option in Online Banking titled Remote Deposit. Is this for my remote check scanner through Alpine Remote Deposit?

No, the Remote Deposit menu option allows you to view deposits that have been made using your Alpine Mobile app on your mobile device. To access your Alpine Remote Deposit portal, click on the Business menu option, then click AlpineRemote. For more information on accessing your Alpine Remote Deposit portal, contact Commercial Services at 833-325-7902 and ask for AlpineRemote Services.


How do I approve Bill Payments that require Dual Approval?

To approve bill payments that require dual approval, once logged in, navigate to the Business menu option then click on Bill Pay. For further instructions, please visit our business Payments user guide.


How do I set up alerts for my business services?

Please visit our business Alert Preferences user guide for full instructions on setting up alerts for all your business services.

Additional Business Services

How do I set up direct deposit for my employee(s)?

Alpine Bank's Business Services include the use of online ACH origination, which may be used to process direct deposit for your employee(s). Enrollment for ACH origination services require additional agreements and are subject to underwriting and approval. Please visit your local Alpine Bank location to enroll in ACH origination services. Upon enrollment, you may reference our ACH guide for instructions on creating and initiating your direct deposit ACH batch. 

How do I access Business Bill Pay and my other business services, like ACH, Wires, Managing Users and Fraud Solutions?

To access your Business Bill Pay and additional business services, log in to Online Banking and click on the Business menu option. If you use ACH or Online Wire services, you’ll be required to enter your secure token code. To return to your dashboard click on the Dashboard tab.

Will I still have the option to approve ACH or Wires in the Alpine Mobile app?

Yes! If you'd like to continue using the option to approve ACH or Wires in the Alpine Mobile app, please contact Commercial Services at 833-325-7902.